Vehicle Insurance

Motor Insurance With Life Cover.

A unique plan that combines life insurance an life cover for the registered owner of the car such that the Life Sum Assured is equivaent to the value of the motor vehicle – at a maximum of KES. 1.5 M.
The sum assured becomes payable of the registered owner of the motor vehicle losses their life while the motor policy is on force. The death benefit is not restricted to accidental parties i.e it includes death due to illness.

Additional Benefits Covered.

Excess Protector – Both material damage and theft.
War – Civil war, political risk and terrorism.
No blame, no excess subject to police abstract
Loss of use for 10 days at KES. 3,000
Alternative accomodation in case of accidents outside a radius of 100 km from normal residing area – up to KES. 10,000
Lost car keys insurance replacement of up to KES. 5,000
Free vehicle valuation.
Personal accident for the driver limited to KES. 250,000
AA Road Rescue cover

Premium Rates.

Basic rate – 4% of value of the vehicle.
4.5% with Life-Rider included.
Minimum premium KES. 20,000
Premium exclusive of statutory levies.


Car value – KES. 1,250,000
Premium – 4.5% * 1,250,000 = 56,250.
Total annual premium – 56,250 (exclusive of levies)
Amount payable in case of a death claim = KES. 1,250,000

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